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1. Set your monitor resolution to the highest setting you're comfortable with.

This will shrink everything on your screen a bit, including the advertising window. This is probably the most important tip to pay attention to if you plan to use a free Internet service. I have my resolution set at 1024x768, and I can comfortably fit both an ISP ad window, and the AllAdvantage ad window on my screen at the same time. If you have a monitor smaller than 15 inches, you might not be able to raise your resolution past 800x600, but if you have a 17 inch or larger monitor, you could probably be comfortable looking at your screen in a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

2. Sign up with more than one service.

After all, they're free. If you get a busy signal with one service's local number, just try another. If you don't like one service, it's easy to switch. Just remember to sign up for more than one right away. If you haven't signed up to a second service, you won't be able to do so if your main service is giving you a busy signal. Make sure that whichever services you choose don't share the same local phone number, as many of them do. Check our reviews for suggested backup services.

3. Guard your privacy, if necessary.

Remember, these services will track your Internet usage to show you the ads they feel are most appropriate. You might not want to reveal private health information by browsing to health sites.

4. Sign up for a web-based e-mail service, or a mail forwarding service.

Anytime you're in the process of changing your e-mail address, it's a good idea to sign up for one that won't change, even if you change your ISP again. Of course, we recommend the free e-mail we offer at Addlebrain Mail, but there are thousands of free web-based mail services out there.

5. Choose the service that fits your needs.

Obviously, you want to try to find a service that's a local call for you. Some services show ads, others don't. Some services require that you provide them with detailed information about yourself, while others don't ask. We'll call your attention to the important features in the listings pages.

6. Sign up for a "Get Paid to Surf" program

Just as the Free ISP's will give you free Internet access if you keep an ad window on your screen, there are many companies that will actually send you a check in the mail for watching the same type of ad while you're on the Internet. AllAdvantage is the company we've found to be most reliable, and you can use AllAdvantage and a Free ISP at the same time. Click here for more information about AllAdvantage, or to sign up.



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