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NetZero NetZero

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Thumbs Up: NetZero is among the most reliable services out there; a publicly traded company whose stock price rests solely on their success; does not require Internet Explorer

Thumbs Down: shows ad window on your screen, Java interface can be slow or cause system conflicts, requires very personal information for signup



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Reviewed by Gracia Marks

I have never been able to log on to this site as there is no response from my modem. I e-mailed tech support and got an almost instantaneous message that they would reply soon. Then they replied with boiler plate solutions, none of which worked. I asked for further help but have received nothing but the same boilerplate. After reading the other reviews, I am just as glad. Will try another service. Thanks

Reviewed by Carmit Slaughter

NetZero gets the big "ZERO" when it comes to theirtech service. I recently talk to 5 tech in one call "mind you its a long distance call" to resolve a problem I had accessing their service. Finding a good connection number is close to "zero". Beep....beep...beep. This news flash just in...I found a connection number. What else can you ask for when its free!!!!!

Reviewed by Jim G.

Good, dependable ISP. I couln't give it 5 stars because download times are kind of slow. And you have to click on the banner to stay connected. But over all....I've used several free services that went "belly up", but Netzero keeps on ticking.

Reviewed by Dan,

There is a cheat that has been going around where you can do ctrl+alt+delete
after netzero has connected and shut it down before it starts the ad banner.
Sometimes it gets a little slow but I give it 4 stars cause I don't have to deal with the banner.

Reviewed by Nort

I've been using netzero since around the time that they began.
When they fist started, their add banner was very small, but it has steadily grown. Recently, I was upgraded to their Z3 version. I absolutely hate the fact that it takes up a big chunk of my display space. Also, I hate the fact that they did this without asking. When Z3 came out, they said that it wasn't a necessary upgrade. I was used to their banner and after seeing a preview of Z3, I knew I wouldn't like it. I didn't upgraded, but they did it anyway. Oh well. I haven't had the problems that the other reviewers have had, but I'm not overjoyed with the service. I would suggest using it only as a backup- which is what I do.

Reviews 1 - 5 of 23
Next 5 reviews

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