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Thumbs Up: easy for new Internet users

Thumbs Down: largest ad banner of all services, detailed personal information required, some local access numbers only available with monthly fee



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Reviewed by James Siller,

Its free so I shouldn't complain but Freewwweb suggested it. I wouldn't be searching for another free internet provider if I was happy.

Reviewed by Amy

I used to be a satisfied user of WorldSpy. Then I got dumped into Juno. The only way I could keep my mail account at WorldSpy, was to use Juno for e-mail. Juno is bad as an ISP, but it is AWFUL for e-mail.

Reviewed by John Meechum,

I am a frequent Freewwweb User, since they have shut down they allow you to log on to their server but your only option is to download Juno. Juno started off on the wrong foot. First of all they make you download a 4.8 meg .exe. (I think that all that you need for a free web service are instructions on how they want you to set up the dial up connection). Next and most important is they MAKE YOU FILL OUT AN APPLICATION THAT REQUIRES A RESPONSE. They ask you about what you own, your salary, your sex, your birthdate and plenty of other information that they do not need to know. Even if you lie they are requiring a response to priveledged information. The next worst part of their service is the ad banner, that constantly gets in your way, if you try to move it so that you can write nasty reviews about them it just pops back up. I sure hope nobody tries using it with a resolution lower than 1024x768. It just gets worse and worse, please take my advice. "DO NOT USE JUNO!!!"

Reviewed by Dave McKee,

Defective download, "timed out" within seconds. No tech-support except useless and irrelevant automated response messages. Ran up my phone bill even with local access #. Not a substitute for Worldspy; not even close.

Reviewed by Gary

Was on freewwweb for better game connection than aol[had better latency}, was very satisfied...Also only free service with a local access # for me..Now, with juno, the ad banner pops in the game lobbies and the screen while you are trying to play..very dissatisfied. I know, whaddya get for nuthin, but the ad banner could be modified to disappear during online gaming.

Reviews 1 - 5 of 19
Next 5 reviews


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