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FreeLane Powered By Excite FreeLane Powered By Excite

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Thumbs Up: Among the most reliable services once connected, software will dial multiple access numbers until it connects

Thumbs Down: Requires users to click on ads, errors when connecting, shows advertising window



User Reviews

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Reviewed by Joseph Hancock,

When I first got Freelane I couldn't have been happier with it. It worked great, and got faster speeds then any other provider that I've tried. The add banner is there, but it's small enough to not cause a distraction.

Recently though, it has become increasingly less reliable. When I try to connect occasionally my modem will start the regular dial tone, then all sorts of sounds come from it. Other times I will get busy signals, and even more times it will say one access number isn't working. I have several, but when I tell it to use the others, it doesn't bother doing that and goes back to the start screen.

Also, like I said the add banner isn't annoying for its size, it's annoying because of the health meter. The health meter doesn't really have a timer in my opinion. It just radomly puts messages on there. One time I clicked an add and within a minute a message saying my health meter was dangerously low came up.

The only thing I figure they must get paid for every time someone clicks on an add, instead of just the amount of people that they show the add to, and they want to get a few extra bucks out of people.

I really think this access was designed just to bombared you with adds from it's partner, @home. I think they figure once you see all the adds, you'll switch to using the cable service.

I would strongly recommend using some other ISP, especially if you're fond of internet games. The added speed is no where near worth the trouble.

Reviewed by surf

After the initial sign up I was never able to get back on with my account again. I always got a dialog box stating that I was under 13 and could not sign in. So, I had to open a new account everytime. The automated responses from their help desk were useless. No POP server stinks, and the helath time out is a real pain in the ass. I would avoid this "free-be"


Reviewed by steve

this service blows. it requires that you click on their stupid ass adds, and if you don't, it will sign you off without warning.

Reviewed by John

Already deleted it. That probably tells you everything you need to know about it. :-)

Reviewed by Joynel

FreeLane offers a good selection of access numbers and setting it up was not difficult. However, the connection time seemed to take longer than other ISP's I have tried. My main complaint is that the user is required to click on their ads or risk being disconnected. I find this very disrupting since the pop-up ads interfere with what I am doing, and also because being
disconnected and re-booting over and over is quite time-consuming and annoying. Based only on this, I would not recommend this ISP. However, if the pop-up ads don't bother you it is probably fine otherwise.

Reviews 1 - 5 of 5

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