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Thumbs Up: software is stable, ad window disappears when you're visiting partner sites

Thumbs Down: can only list one primary and one backup phone number to dial in case of a busy signal



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Reviewed by b r a d n 8 5

I don't understand why people are regarding free isps in high standing simply for the fact that their free - there are many free isps out there. Bluelight for one, isn't a particularly pleasant one. My biggest problem with it, is that it logs onto a Yahoo! account. Why you ask. Well, whenever you click on the mail icon, it automatically logs intoyour mail account. This can get to be a nuisance especially on shared computers, privacy is an issue. Another thing I don't like is the obnoxious banner, just something about it makes you want to kick it in the nose. Also, it states that the banner will not show while you were visiting Yahoo! or another partner site, this is not true. I went to yaho, spinway, k-mart, even clicked on the ads - the ad will always be there.

Reviewed by Computer_nerd,

Even though I use bluelight through their "Network" connection, bluelight's banner ad will stop responding sometimes. I can't complain, because it's free. But if i'm on a yahoo or page, the banner ad won't show. But if i'm on another page on the internet, the damn banner ad will show up. When i finish surfing, the banner ad will either stop reponsing, and i have to push ctrl-alt-delete to shut the banner ad down. If they get rid of the banner ad while surfing pages too, i'd rate it a 5 star, but it's a 4 star for now.

Helen AKA computer nerd(my email address is fake, so e-mail me at
if you want to talk to me personally.)

Reviewed by John,

Bluelight was good to me for about 2 days and then all of a sudden the software turned out to be a piece of crap. It disconnected me when I was on the internet for only 5 seconds (NOT an exageration). It also freezes up my computer all the time whenever I run it. Now it just plays the stupid movie and then disconnects even before the ad banner and IE can start! To put simply: there are better free ISP's around. Oh, and by the way, I think it screwed up my Freei software cuz now, after I had installed and ran Bluelight, freei won't work either. Maybe it's just my are connection that's bad but I have never experienced any ISP quite so bad. I gave it 2 stars because it was very fast the first 2 days I used it.

Reviewed by Ken

We've used it three months now as our primary ISP. The banner ad can be locked to the top or bottm of the screen and be out of the way. Sometimes MSIE and Netscape slide in behind it and block the scroll bars and menus. That is cured by moving the ad back and forth. At times the service freezes up. I have had it unfreeze about ten minutes later. It is reliable enough to use for the AOL BYOA plan. I had no trouble installing it or setting up to use with AOL. The main reason it wasn't rated higher is the inability to change the home page and the occassional lockup.

Reviewed by Anthony,

A decent ISP, out of the several I've tried. Connections are reliable and acceptably fast, busy signals are rare, and Yahoo! integration is very handy. Even the ad window occasionally shows relevant ads. That said, someone over at Spinway needs to get to work on version 3.0 of the hideously buggy software. Since the banner window has to communicate with your active browser window to see if you're visiting a "partner site" (it disappears when you do), switching windows back and forth causes it to freeze and take your browser down with it. If you're like me and routinely keep 3 or 4 going while you wait for pages to download, plus other programs (i.e. winamp, icq), that can be a problem; I have to cold reboot 50% of the time. Overall, not a bad *FREE* provider (I have yet to find a better one), and one pretty like to be around for a little while.

Reviews 1 - 5 of 24
Next 5 reviews

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