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Alta Vista Free Access AltaVista Free Access

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Thumbs Up: software is stable, among the most reliable services once connected, software will dial multiple access numbers until it connects

Thumbs Down: shows advertising window



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Reviewed by Jason,

Well theres ups and downs with this one. Its connects reliably but recently i had unexpected connection drops a lot. The speeds could be better and i found that it wouldn't do too hot with Napster. I got a 56k and got like 2-3kbs a sec downloading napster songs and often it keeps freezing up napster downloads.

Reviewed by John

What can I say except... "more banner ads's" ! Argh! Enough already. -end-

Reviewed by Fredy Lemus,

I have found that AltaVista is the fastest free ISP. I have tried many other and AltaVista surpasses them. The only thing I don't like is the advertisment banner.

Reviewed by Rick

Set up an AltaVista account for the first time yesterday and then spent 30 minutes trying to connect to about seven different phone numbers (middle of the day on a weekday). Never did connect, so I can't say whether the service is any good once you finally get in.

Reviewed by Jeff

I've tried a few of the other freebies out there but I've stayed with AltaVista. In fact, I've even dropped my Earthlink account!

I can live with the ad banner. Hey, some of those ads (and small surrounding
buttons) have actually pointed me to some money-saving sites and services!

I've been using the service for a month now without even a hiccup. Amazingly,
I connect at rates higher than my $19.95 a month Earthlink account!

Reviews 1 - 5 of 13
Next 5 reviews

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