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NetZero NetZero

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Thumbs Up: NetZero is among the most reliable services out there; a publicly traded company whose stock price rests solely on their success; does not require Internet Explorer

Thumbs Down: shows ad window on your screen, Java interface can be slow or cause system conflicts, requires very personal information for signup

Rating: Review

NetZero was one of the first free internet access services to make it big. They're the first to have any type of success with the idea of giving access away.

NetZero's software was built using Java, and can sometimes be slow or nonresponsive. However, it's rare to get a busy signal when trying to connect to NetZero, and once connected, the service is usually very speedy. If you've got a fast computer without existing software conflicts or Windows problems, NetZero may be the one for you. However, if your computer crashes frequently, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.

The service includes the regular ad window present in most other free ISP's, and NetZero also shows you an advertisement when you disconnect.

Unlike most other services, NetZero does not require that you have Internet Explorer installed.

NetZero also requires a great deal of personal data to signup. See service features for the details.

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