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Thumbs Up: easy for new Internet users

Thumbs Down: largest ad banner of all services, detailed personal information required, some local access numbers only available with monthly fee

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Juno started out as one of the first free e-mail services. At the time, Juno was the only free e-mail service that offered dial-up access. Recently, Juno began offering paid Internet access, followed by free service.

Juno is meant to be easy for Net Newbies to use and setup. The main program has three big file folder-like tabs on top: Read, Write, and Web. Users simply click on the tab to use e-mail or the web. They attempt to make web content easy for new users by integrating content on the first screen users see after clicking "Web". Juno also offers free webspace in cooperation with Homestead, which is an excellent service for webspace newbies.

I found Juno's setup to be extremely easy, though time-consuming. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for users to install, and get on the Internet. Juno responds to incorrect or missing form entries by circling the errant field, and showing a colored help bubble with more complete instructions. Technical support is available, though it costs $1.95 per minute.

For users who know their way around installing software, Juno is probably not for them. The free version of Juno offers fewer access numbers than most of the other services, so you're less likely to find a local number. In addition, the ad banner that is always on top of your other applications is much larger than any of the other free services.

Also important to note is that Juno requires an extaordinary amount of personal information in order to setup your account. They require you to disclose your birthdate, the birthdates of each of your children, your income, occupation, education level, a detailed list of items you own or plan to purchase, and more. I've provided less information when applying for a loan.

Juno also offers a paid Internet service for $9.99 per month. Included with that fee, you get more dial-up numbers, free technical support, and "fewer" ads. From the description they give, it doesn't seem like it's worth the cost, especially since they'll still show ads on your screen.

Unless you're very new to the Internet or computers in general, and you don't mind giving out the personal information they require, look elsewhere. There are better choices.

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