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Note: Bluelight recently announced that their free service will soon allow users only 12 hours of Internet access per month. Only regular shoppers at the store will be given free unlimited access.

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Thumbs Up: software is stable, ad window disappears when you're visiting partner sites

Thumbs Down: can only list one primary and one backup phone number to dial in case of a busy signal

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Yahoo and KMart have teamed up to provide, a free ISP and online store. The ad window is generally stable, and has an interesting feature: when you're visiting Yahoo or a Bluelight partner site, the ad window disappears. Bluelight recently upgraded both their software and logo. The setup process seems to be a bit easier than it was with the prior version of the software, and the new logo is a bit more pleasing to the eyes. The software works as well as the rest, though some services, including AltaVista, allow you to list many phone numbers to attempt to dial in case of a busy signal. Bluelight's software allows only one primary and one alternate number.

When using Bluelight, your home page will be a customized version of My Yahoo, though the only customization is a small Bluelight logo on the screen.

Recently, Bluelight announced that they had reached the million member mark. This is, no doubt, due in large part to the promotion it gets from one of the most used services on the Internet, Yahoo. In addition, Bluelight gives away CDs for the service in KMart stores.

Among the free Internet services, Bluelight is one of the best. And, if you're a Yahoo user, you'll appreciate the fact that Yahoo has built their service into Bluelight. In addition, the disappearing ad window while on Yahoo sites is definately a plus.

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