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MyPoints Connect MyPoints Connect

NOTE: This free ISP is no longer in operation. Please click Find a Free ISP to choose another service


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Thumbs Up: software is stable, among the most reliable services once connected, software will dial multiple access numbers until it connects, rewards points for using service

Thumbs Down: shows advertising window

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As with the other 1stUp services, MyPoints Connect is one of the better free ISP's currently providing service. The 1stUp services have consistently provided fast download speeds, and busy signals have been generally rare... (continued...)

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We always recommend to all free ISP users that they sign-up for at least one backup, in case of busy signals or network slowdowns. Since some free ISP's share phone numbers, we recommend picking a backup ISP that uses a different phone network. The services below all have dialup phone numbers different from See the reviews by clicking on the service name below for more information.

Service Features
Ad type: Persistant window
Info required to signup: Gender, Date of Birth, Interests/Hobbies, current e-mail address.
E-mail: POP


Download Size: 611K
Other Features: Usenet
CD Available
Available in Canada
USA Nationwide Access
Macintosh Version
Linux Version

Indicates not available or not offered
Indicates feature is offered

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