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Worldspy shuts down its service
July 1, 2000

Worldspy, one of the Internet's most popular free ISP's, has shut its virtual doors. On June 30, Worldspy posted an announcement on its home page, saying that it was "no longer able to provide free Internet access".

Worldspy did not place an advertisement on users' computer screens, as most other free Internet services have done, instead relying on users to make purchases at Worldspy's online store to subsidize the cost of providing free Internet access. Worldspy closed their online store, and cancelled all pending orders on June 16.

Worldspy was considered to be among the most liked and best performing free ISP's available. They were consistently rated very highly by users at the website, which provides reviews and information about free Internet services, and nearly 80% of the reviewers at Epinions recommended the service to others.

Users who formerly used Worldspy's e-mail service will have their e-mail accounts transferred to Juno, another free ISP, and Worldspy's home page has been redirected to Juno's site. Worldspy users are being encouraged by the company to sign up for service with Juno, according to an e-mail received by

In April, Worldspy had over 300,000 customers.

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